by Matthew Norton

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Recorded over 6 weeks in Spring 2011.
Second EP of three.


released July 12, 2011

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Daniel Bradley soundcloud.com/digitaldanuk
Album artwork by Hazel Cardew



all rights reserved


Matthew Norton Ebina, Japan

Live in Japan.
Lived in Bridgnorth.

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Track Name: Speak
Don't believe your intuition
Like diamonds corrupting our youth
Speak loud, Speak louder
Have them listen to what you've written

Speak loud, Speak louder.
Track Name: Giants
It's nice to leave in summer
These hardwood floors seem different
and not tainted with youth
I can't wait for debauchery
with all the remnants of my memories from home
and friends I end up far too far from

How I miss being intoxicated
Oh, how should I put this?
You know it's coming for you
That sense of nostalgia
and walking home in the middle of June
when your eyes are as wide as
The moon as it's covered by the
clouds that we used to let us pass by
Let us pass by.

It's nice to think this place has changed
but I think it's just easier to accept
To come back every year can be difficult
So we walk like giants like we're better than you

I'm not saying that we're bad people
We just miss it
Track Name: Models
We've been falling for a long time
Ever closer to being here
Gracefully losing our place
As the elder of this side, it's my time to step down

We weren't always models
But we, we don't deserve this

We don't deserve this.
Track Name: Moscow
I wanna go where all the trees are weathered
Where it snows almost everyday
They're coming for us
Leave nothing behind
The sun is setting much slower

Please don't burn it down

Salt the earth

They're coming for us
Leave nothing behind
The sun is setting much slow

Please don't burn it down

Hey, I know a way out
Keep on north
We're wear them down
Track Name: You'll Look Better On The Frontpage
Don't worry, it's only me
Let's talk about why you never speak
We're trapped behind the sun and all your childhood nostalgia

I'm waiting in the background

Another session
You've spent hours and hours on your father
So now let's try something else
Struggling for words, don't you worry
I'll hold the conversation for the both of us

I'm waiting in the back seat

We could be
Together in the emergency room